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Oral Science Launches HYBENX® in Canada, an Antibiotic-free Oral Tissue Decontaminant

Oral Tissue Decontaminant

Oral Science is pleased to announce the launch of HYBENX® [EPIEN Medical, Minneapolis, MN, USA] in Canada, the only antibiotic-free oral tissue decontaminant that boosts periodontal healing by eradicating all microorganisms in periodontal pockets.

HYBENX® is a professionally applied gel and liquid that uses an electrostatic charge to attract water from the pathogens associated with inflamed or infected oral tissues. This electrostatic action, called Desiccation Shock Technology (DST), dries out microbial pathogens, their protective biofilm and necrotic tissue, rendering them harmless and easy to remove. The instantaneous and complete removal of periodontal pathogens helps calm inflammatory mediators quickly, safely, and effectively, and speeds the natural healing process. HYBENX® contains sulphonated phenols, which are easy to use by simply applying and rinsing this non-antibiotic, non-systemic solution to oral decontamination above and below the gingiva.

“We are really excited to partner with Epien and bring HYBENX® to Canadian dental professionals”, commented Daniel Menard, CEO and Co-Founder of Oral Science. “This breakthrough technology will be at the core of our mission to be the Canadian’s Dental Hygiene Specialist and offer optimal clinical outcomes and patients experience,” he added.

Oral Science and its team of Registered Dental Hygienists across Canada is ready to meet dental offices interested integrating HYBENX® part of a comprehensive periodontal disease and peri-implant disease protocol. A live interactive webinar will also be hosted on February 21st (8 to 9 PM EST).

HYBENX® is available in packs of two 1mL syringes (gel or liquid) through Oral Science. Dental professionals interested in ordering, scheduling an in-office meeting, or registering for the webinar are invited to visit www.oralscience.com.

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